Thanks to Comrade Greg Schnürle for this link. It explains exactly what REALLY happened Khan Shaykhun. The Syrian Air Force bombed a US-backed terrorist arms depot where illegal chemical weapons were also stored. The report below also notes that chemical weapons from this warehouse were sent to Iraq to be used by the US-backed terrorists there.

I will be doing a video interview today with a friend and comrade who fought US-backed nazis here in Donbass and also fought US-backed terrorists in Iraq. His unit was attacked with poison gas twice by US-backed terrorists in Iraq.

The charges of the Syrian government using poison gas are lies and absurd. First, EVERY charge against the Syrian government involving chemical weapons have been PROVEN to actually be false flag operations conducted by US-backed terrorists. Second, even an idiot can understand that the Syrian government has NO NEED to use chemical weapons, and never has, even during the worst days of the war. The Syrian government IS WINNING the war against the US-backed terrorists in Syria, and using chemical weapons at this point would be suicidal and insane for them.

Ask yourself what is logical and makes sense to you – the sensationalist bullshit from the known and habitual liars who back the terrorists who are KNOWN to have and use chemical weapons, or the open and logical explanation given in the article below.


Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said that Syrian aircraft have conducted an airstrike near the town of Khan Shaykhun in…