Och dessa likviditetsinjektioner är absolut massiva. Just igår injicerade Fed 99,9 miljarder dollar i tillfällig likviditet i det finansiella systemet och 7,5 miljarder dollar i permanenta reserver som en del av sina 60 miljarder dollar per månad i köpprogram för statsskuldväxlar. 99,9 miljarder dollar kommer från 64,90 miljarder dollar i återköpsavtal över natten och 35 miljarder dollar i repoverksamhet.

Hela denna åtgärd är förvånansvärt förvånande. Vilket stabilt finansiellt system kräver nästan $ 100Mdr i likviditetsinjektioner över natten….


Ericsson & Sydafrika

På tal om ABB:s nyvordna framgångar i Sydafrika i mutsammanhang….

Men som alltid så är det ett lands centrala nervsystem som styr.

Tack vare det stora genombrottet på den brittiska telefonmarknaden i slutet av 1800-talet hade Ericsson inte mycket till problem med att få sin fot in genom dörren i Sydafrika, som delvis styrdes av Storbritannien. Det första telefonväxeln levererades till Capetown 1896 och följdes av flera order av andra städer. Sammantaget installerade Ericsson fyra telefonbörser i Sydafrika mellan 1896 och 1900, vilket gjorde det till Ericssons största marknad för utbyten utanför Europa.

Dessutom sålde Ericsson bärbara fälttelefoner eller kavaleritelefoner till britterna under andra boerkriget, som varade 1899-1902. Dessa transportabla telefoner utvecklades ursprungligen för de svenska väpnade styrkorna.

Den brittiska sidan vann kriget och öppnade gynnsamma möjligheter för Ericsson i Sydafrika. Under de sista stadierna av fientligheterna besökte Hemming Johansson, Ericssons chefingenjör och senare VD för företaget, Sydafrika och Australien.

Johansson konstaterade att ”Ericsson hade en speciell position i Sydafrika, eftersom dess produkter utan tvekan var ett steg före tävlingen. Personlig kontakt med de ledande teknikerna visade sig vara en värdefull faktor, eftersom detta ledde till ett mycket nära samarbete under åren.”

Under de två första decennierna av 1900-talet var Australien Ericssons största marknad utanför Europa följt av Sydafrika. Men under 1920-talet tappade Ericsson mark i Sydafrika, och detta gällde även andra delar av kontinenten. I stället gick Ericsson framåt i Latinamerika där det hade flera koncessionsföretag, vilket gjorde den till den största icke-europeiska marknaden.

ABB in Africa serving Tunisia, Morocco, Libya, Egypt, Algeria, Mali, Nigeria, Cameroon, cote d’ivoire, Senegal, South Africa, Kenya and Zimbabwe…..

Ericsson är inte mindre förekommande…….och faktiskt inte Atlas Copco heller…..

Two Russian Tu-160 strategic bombers and other military aircraft have touched down in South Africa. The planes covered over 11 thousand kilometers to get there, staying in the air for more than 13 hours.

Dött & Levande Smuggelgods

Vanlig människosmuggling via Stena med andra ord.

Previously, 39 dead migrants, apparently smuggled into the UK from Bulgaria, were found in a lorry container in Essex, with one of them being underage. British police are investigating the incident and have arrested the 25-year-old truck driver on suspicion of murder.

Trump & Uppfyllda Villkor

BREAKING NEWS: President Trump announced on Wednesday that conditions have been met between Turkey and the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) for what he called a ” permanent ceasefire” between the two sides and that the United States is lifting sanctions on Ankara that were implemented following the invasion of northern Syria.

President Trump delivered statement Wednesday morning on Syria, saying that a lasting ceasefire has been reached between Turkey and the SDF.

Demokratiska Partiets Framtid

Will The Democratic Party Exist After 2020 Election?…/will-democratic-party-exist-aft… // Will The Democratic Party Exist After 2020 Election?

Authored by Renee Parsons via,

Even before Rep. Tulsi Gabbard threatened to boycott the October 15th Dem debate as the DNC usurps the role of voters in the Democratic primacy 2020 election and with an impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump on the table, the Swamp was stirred and its slimy muck may be about to come to the surface as never before.

If so, those revelations are long overdue.

It is no secret to the observant that since the 2016 election, the Democratic Party has been in a state of near-collapse, the victim of its own hubris, having lost their moral compass with unsubstantiated Russisgate allegations; those accusations continue as a futile exercise of domestic regime change.

Today’s Dems are less than a bona fide opposition party offering zero policy solutions, unrecognizable from past glories and not the same political party many of us signed up for many years ago. Instead, the American public is witnessing a frenzied, unscrupulous strategy.

Desperate in the denial of its demise, confronting its own shadow of corruption as the Dems have morphed into a branch of the CIA – not unlike origins of the East German Stasi government.

It should not be necessary to say but in today’s hyper volatile political climate it is: No American should be labelled as anything other than a loyal American to be deeply disturbed by the Democrat/CIA collusion that is currently operating an unprecedented Kangaroo Court in secret, behind closed doors; thus posing an ominous provocation to what remains of our Constitutional Republic.

As any politically savvy, independent thinking American might grasp, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and their entire coterie of sycophants always knew that Russiagate was a crock of lies.

They lied to their willing Democratic rank n file, they lied to American public and they continue to lie about their bogus Impeachment campaign.

It may be that whistleblower Ed Snowden’s revelations about the NSA surveillance state was the first inkling for many Americans that there is a Big Problem with an out-of-control intelligence community until Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer warned that Trump was being ‘really dumb” in daring to question Intel’s faulty conclusion that Russia hacked the 2016 election.

“Let me tell you. You take on the intelligence community = they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.”

Inescapably, Schumer was suggesting that the Congress has no oversight, that there is no accountability and that the US has lost its democratic roots when a newly elected President does not have the authority to question or publicly disagree with any of the Intel agencies.

Since the 2016 election, there has been a steady drumbeat of the US Intel’s unabashed efforts to undermine and otherwise prevent a newly elected President from governing – which sounds like a clear case of insubordination or some might call it treasonous.

The Intel antipathy does not appear to be rooted in cuts to a favorite social services program but rather protecting a power, financial and influence agenda that goes far deeper and more profound than most Americans care to contemplate.

Among a plethora of egregious corporate media reactions, no doubt stirred by their Intel masters, was to a July, 2018 summit meeting between Russian President Putin and Trump in Helsinki emblematic of illegitimate censures from Intel veterans and its cronies:

“Trump sides with Putin over US Intelligence” – CNN

“Did Trump Commit Treason at Putin Meeting?” – Newsweek, and

“Trump Slammed Over Disgrace, Disgusting Press Conference with Putin” – Newsweek.

Not one praised Trump for pursuing peace with Russia.

And yet, fellow Americans, it is curious to consider that there was no outrage after the 911 attacks in 2001 from any member of Congress, President Bush or the Corporate Media that the US intelligence community had utterly failed in its mission to keep the American public safe.

There was no reckoning, not one person in authority was held accountable, not one person who had the responsibility to ‘know’ was fired from any of the Intel agencies. Why is that?

As a result of the corrupt foundation of the Russiagate allegations, Attorney General Bob Barr and Special Investigator John Durham appear hot on the trail with law enforcement in Italy as they have apparently scared the bejesus out of what little common sense remains among the Democratic hierarchy as if Barr/Durham might be headed for Obama’s Oval Office.

Barr’s earlier comment before the Senate that “spying did occur’ and that ‘it’s a big deal’ when an incumbent administration (ie the Obama Administration) authorizes a counter-Intelligence operation on an opposing candidate (ie Donald Trump) has the Dems in panic-stricken overdrive – and that is what is driving the current Impeachment Inquiry.

With the stark realization that none of the DNC’s favored top tier candidates has the mojo to go the distance, the Democrats have now focused on a July 25th phone call between Trump and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in which Trump allegedly ‘pressured’ Zelenskyy to investigate Joe Biden’s relationship with Burisma, the country’s largest natural gas provider.

At issue is any hanky panky involving Burisma payments to Rosemont Seneca Partners, an equity firm owned by Joe’s errant son, Hunter, who served on Burisma’s Board for a modest $50,000 a month.

Zelenskyy, who defeated the US-endorsed incumbent President Petro Poroshenko in a landslide victory, speaks Russian, was elected to clean up corruption and end the conflict in eastern Ukraine. The war in the Donbass began as a result of the US State Department’s role in the overthrow of democratically elected Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych in 2014.

Trump’s first priority on July 25th was Crowd Strike, a cybersecurity firm with links to the HRC campaign which was hired by the DNC to investigate Russian hacking of its server.

The Dems have reason to be concerned since it is worth contemplating why the FBI did not legally mandate that the DNC turn its server over to them for an official Federal forensic inspection.

One can only speculate…those chickens may be coming home to roost.

Days after an anonymous whistleblower (not to be confused with a real whistleblower like Edward Snowden) later identified as a CIA analyst with a professional history linked to Joe Biden, publicly released a Complaint against Trump.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the initiation of an ambiguous Impeachment Inquiry campaign with little specificity about the process. The Complaint is suspect since it reads more like a professionally prepared Affidavit and the Dems consider Pelosi’s statement as sufficient to initiate a formal process that fails to follow the time-honored path of a full House vote predicating a legitimate impeachment inquiry on to the Judiciary Committee.

Of special interest is how the process to date is playing out with the House Intelligence Committee in a key role conducting what amounts to clandestine meetings, taking depositions and witness statements behind closed doors with a still secret unidentified whistleblower’s identity and voice obscured from Republican members of the Intel Committee and a witness testifying without being formally sworn in – all too eerily similar to East Germany.

The pretense of shielding the thinly veiled CIA operative as a whistleblower from public exposure can only be seen as an overly-dramatic transparent performance as the Dems have never exhibited any concern about protecting real whistleblowers like Snowden, Chelsea Manning, Bill Binney, Thomas Drake, John Kiriakou, Julian Assange, Jeffrey Sterling and others who were left to fend for themselves as the Obama Administration prosecuted more true, authentic whistleblowers than any other administration since the Espionage Act of 1917.

As the paradigm shift takes its toll on the prevailing framework of reality and our decayed political institutions, (the FBI and DOJ come to mind as the Inspector General’s report is due at week’s end), how much longer does the Democratic Party, which no longer serves a useful public purpose, deserve to exist?

Tyler Durden Mon, 10/21/2019 – 23:05



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”Desperate in the denial of its demise, confronting its own shadow of corruption as the Dems have morphed into a branch of the CIA – not unlike origins of the East German Stasi government…”

NASA Finner Inga Spår Av Indisk Månlandare


NEW DELHI (Sputnik) – NASA has found no trace of the Indian lunar lander, dubbed Vikram, in the images captured during its Moon orbiter’s latest flyby of the lunar region where the lander made a hard landing on 7 September, Project Scientist for the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) mission Noah Pe…

Upp Utan Makarna Rosenberg

Tänka sig att detta kommer upp nu också….inga makar Rosenberg i sikte här inte….

After the US nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945, the USSR needed to develop its own A-bomb fast to keep parity. The declassified papers provide a glimpse into how the elaborate task was achieved just four years later.